The Naboso Kinesis Board is a revolutionary tool designed to enhance barefoot health. It’s a balance training tool that leverages the science of proprioception and mechanoreception to improve stability and balance.

Dual Sensory Stimulation

One of the standout features of the Kinesis Board is its dual sensory stimulation. The board combines proprioceptive stimuli with a textured platform, providing a unique sensory experience that stimulates the nerves in the feet. This higher nerve stimulation leads to improved joint position sense and balance.

Micro-Wobble System

The Kinesis Board also features a micro-wobble system. This system focuses on creating micro wobbles to stimulate the nerves in the ankles. The result is faster joint position sense and improved balance, making the Kinesis Board an excellent tool for anyone looking to strengthen their feet and enhance their barefoot health.

Single Leg Platform

The design of the Kinesis Board includes a single-leg platform. This feature allows for balance training that replicates daily movements, making the exercises more functional and applicable to everyday life. Training balance on one leg at a time also presents a challenge that can lead to significant improvements in stability and balance.

The Impact on Barefoot Health

Naboso Kinesis Board Barefoot HealthThe Kinesis Board’s unique features work together to enhance barefoot health. By stimulating the nerves in the feet and ankles, the board improves balance and stability. This can lead to better movement and posture, reducing the risk of injury and improving overall foot health.

The Naboso Kinesis Board is more than just a balance training tool. It’s a comprehensive system designed to enhance barefoot health and improve balance and stability. Whether you’re a barefoot enthusiast or someone looking to improve your foot health, the Kinesis Board is a tool worth considering. Wearing Toe Spacers will double the impact. Adding weight can make balance exercises even more challenging.

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