Take a step back in time – back when every footfall mattered – when natural ground movement actually came natural. Each step, a connection with the earth, was crucial to our survival and growth. But as the years rolled on, we’ve moved our bodies away from the solid ground on cushy soles, and into comfy seats. Unintentionally our lifestyle is causing subtle shifts in our bodies that lead to health issues.

The Connection Between Movement and Breathing

Now, try holding your breath for a few seconds. Feel that first gasp for air? It’s a little like the connection between movement and breathing. Undeniably intertwined, they’re crucial for holistic well-being – a fact we often forget as we bustle through our busy lives, falling victim to stress and its associated ailments.

Our Pursuit of the Perfect Gym Body

Caught in the pursuit of the ‘perfect gym body,’ we may lose ourselves. We neglect key aspects of well-being, away from screens, turning the dream of looking fit into a nightmare. Comparing our imperfect selves through the lens of filters and manipulated images leads us down a path of physical and mental exhaustion.

Rediscovering Natural Ground Movement

But it’s never too late to recalibrate and rediscover. In comes the simple yet profound practice of Natural Ground Movement (NGM). Groundbreaking – pun intended! – yet inherently natural to all of us. Based on principles of Neuroscience, NGM calls on the body’s primal instinct to move and breathe in unity.

NGM isn’t some exotic health regimen. It’s beautifully basic, all you need is your own body on the floor. These two elements offer you a chance to restore your natural movement freedom, breathe calmly, while also benefiting your brain. It can be your all-in-one fitness session, or a quick, rejuvenating break during the day, always beneficial, always at hand.


Imagine a form of exercise that isn’t limited to a mat or equipment. Think of ground movement as the friendly neighborhood wellness approach, where you can forget about ramping up weights and sets but solely focus on slow conscious breathing instead.

Reconnecting with Our Roots

So let’s give our toes a wiggle, press our heels into the Earth, and reconnect with our own innate potential to move naturally. Remember, our feet are the messengers between our body and the Earth below. Their health and freedom to move provide a solid base for the rest of our well-being, which is why it’s essential to treat them right.

Unsurprisingly walking barefoot is another movement pattern that comes to us naturally. You don’t need a sunny beach, just some variation in flooring or ground surface will do. Consider some minimalist shoes for added protection.

Choosing the Right Footwear

Be aware, not all footwear is created equal. The wrong shoes can bind and restrict natural movement, causing a ripple effect that can be harmful to our overall health and physical structure. So, choose wisely, go for the kind of footwear made with the same intention that we execute our Natural Ground Movement – minimal, freeing, and natural.

Kiss the ground with Xero Shoes

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