So what is the best time to wear toe spreaders? Since your days are already full, you don’t like working your toes during daytime, so why not wear your toe spreaders at night? You’re asleep anyways and this way you rack up more hours than you would at daytime.

It all sounds very attractive and sort of logical. If you suffer from foot problems and just bought a pair of toe spacers, you want results fast.

Easy right? Before you adopt this idea, let’s dive a little deeper to see what’s the best time to wear toe spreaders. Is there an ideal time to correct toes?

Should you workout at night?

From the outside it may not look like much but wearing toe spacers gives all the tiny muscles in your feet a proper workout. Whenever you’re working out, you are being active and when you’re asleep you should be resting.

Simmering activity coming from your feet is not helping you rest.

The workout part is meant to stretch the feet on one hand while reprogramming the signals going to the brain on the other. It’s not just a matter of stretching out tensed muscles, it’s also about reconnecting to the soles of the feet as a sensory tool.

Besides foot shape, it’s worth taking a look at the best time to improve your foot health in the long term.

What is the best time to wear toe spreaders?

Correct, it’s daytime. You do actually have to work a little to reap the benefits of toe spreading action. And be awake while your body is learning to process new input.

Like any other workout you are putting stress on underused parts of the body. It’s normal to experience some discomfort. As long as you don’t feel any pain you’re on the right track. Start slow only 15 minutes per day.

Minimize overuse

For example plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the tissue underneath the foot, common in runners) is a result of overuse. High impact landing on the heels while running places a lot of stress on the heel and attached tissue.

Alternating wear time with a few minutes spent on massaging the feet will help speed up recovery. Pain or overall loss of foot function can be connected to tensed, overused muscles too. Relaxation plays a big role in recovering natural foot function.

Maximize effect of toe spreaders

Many people who start wearing toe spreaders do so while watching tv. This is perfect for beginners. But for serious gains, movement is key.

To truly maximize effect of toe spreaders you want to have load on the feet. Easiest way to achieve that is by walking, most people can do that. Be sure not to overstep, let the feet touch the ground underneath your center of gravity.

After you’re comfortable with that add more time and more load. For example you can alternate standing on one leg for a minute at a time wearing your toe spreaders. Then do the same on a balance board. Next progression is to wear your toe spreaders in shoes with a wide toe-box during workouts or longer walks.

No toe separators while sleeping

Since you cannot consciously work your feet while sleeping it’s best to leave the workouts for daytime. No matter how small the muscles you’re trying to make stronger.

Remember that during recovery and rest your body heals itself in preparation for your next challenge. Without proper rest, there’s no benefit in training.

No toe spreaders at night - ©
No toe separators in bed please!

Enjoy a good night’s rest

If you want to think about something while you’re going to bed, think about how well your feet and toes will rest. How they will perfectly recover from all their hard work during day. Thank you feet!