Finally there’s a classic casual sneaker that promotes foot health instead of ruining them. With the newly introduced Dillon for both men and women, Xero Shoes delivers that timeless iconic look in a barefoot shoe! This isn’t your typical sneaker; it’s a unique blend of style, functionality and comfort that feels as good as it looks. They come in white and black to match any of your casual or even business outfits.

Dillon: Casual Sneaker Blending Form and Function

Dillon Xero's casual sneaker in blackThe Dillon stands out from the crowd with its breathable knit upper and wide toe box. It’s a refreshing change from traditional sneakers, which prioritize form over function. With Dillon from Xero Shoes, you don’t have to compromise. The flat sole is gentle on your feet, and the mesh upper is soft and breathable compared to other leather barefoot sneakers like Groundies. The wide toe box and slightly stretchy mesh create a snug yet flexible fit, offering unparalleled comfort and freedom for your feet.

Looking from the side you might think the sole is thick with lots of cushioning. But that’s just a visual trick that give the sneakers their casual look. The thickness is only a trim on the outside whereas the inner sole itself is thin and has that flexibility you want for proper ground feel.

Xero’s Dillon Sneaker Promote Natural Foot Health

So the Dillon isn’t just about comfort; it’s about promoting natural foot health too. The shoe’s “zero drop” heel and wider toe box are designed to respect the natural physiology of your body and feet. The non-elevated “zero drop” heel promotes proper posture, while the wider toe box allows your toes to spread and relax as they would in a natural, barefoot state. This design approach respects the natural movement and health of your feet, providing a level of comfort that traditional sneakers simply can’t match.

Dillon Xero's classic casual sneaker in whiteThe Dillon is also impressively lightweight and breathable. Each vegan-friendly shoe weighs in at just 10.4 oz. (Men size 9), making it one of the lightest classic casual sneakers on the market. The engineered mesh allows your feet to breathe, keeping them fresh and dry throughout the day. Even when you wear them without socks.

Embrace a Barefoot Lifestyle with Xero Shoes

In short, wearing the Dillon is not a fashion statement; it’s a lifestyle choice. When you wear the Dillon, you’re embracing a philosophy of living life feet first. The Dillon lets you enjoy every moment, whether you’re at work, playing, or out for drinks and dancing. They’ll keep you grounded and your feet happy wherever you go.

So, why not give Xero’s casual sneaker a try? Step into a world of unmatched comfort and style, and experience what it’s like to truly live life feet first. Consider this: you’re not just wearing a shoe; you’re either fixing or ruining your feet.

Check out the classic casual sneaker Dillon for Men or buy Dillon for Women