Prepare for a running revolution! The much-anticipated sequel ‘Born to Run 2’ to the beloved book ‘Born to Run’ has arrived, and it’s not alone. Alongside it, Xero Shoes launches a groundbreaking shoe that’s set to redefine natural running performance.

The Ultimate Training Guide: Born to Run 2

The wait is over! “Born to Run 2: The Ultimate Training Guide,” co-authored by the renowned Christopher McDougall (founder of LUNA Sandals) and Eric Orton, is finally here. This cherished sequel takes you on a journey into the world of endurance, resilience, and the exhilarating barefoot running community. Their collaboration with Xero Shoes is the icing on the cake.

Xero Shoes: Redefining Natural Running Performance

Xero Shoes steps up with their latest launch, a shoe that’s more than just footwear. It’s a game-changer, promising to elevate your running experience to new heights. Inspired by the barefoot running revolution, its innovative design is set to redefine running comfort, whilst still staying true to their minimalist approach.

The toe-box is wide enough, the soles flexible enough, and fabrics tough enough to handle just about any kind of terrain. The outsole lugs allow for a great stuck-to-the-ground feel, and the design is as appealing as it is functional.

BORN TO RUN MESA TRAIL II are best for trails, whereas BTR Zelen is your new friend running cities and roads. Both are fitted with a removable 3mm sock-liner for more/less barefoot feel. Mesa Trail sports 2mm more cushioning compared to Zelen, mostly coming from the 3,5 mm lugs for on-trail action.

Reviews Born to Run 2 and Xero Shoes

The online reviews are in, and it’s clear that both “Born To Run 2” and the all-new Xero shoe are quickly becoming favourites among natural runners and fitness enthusiasts. Praise for the Xero shoes has been pouring in from all corners. Enthusiasts hail the shoe as a revolution in running footwear. One reviewer recommended various shoes from different brands, with the Altra Escalante (zero drop road shoe with cushioning) and Xero Mesa (zero drop minimalist trail shoe) topping the list for quality and comfort.

One happy customer had this to say about the Xero Shoes:

“I absolutely abuse my mesa trail shoes, and when I tore the upper while on a technical trail run, the Xero Shoes customer service team were lickety-split to honor the warranty and assist me through the replacement process. Thanks Xero!”

Join the Revolution

These two game-changing releases promise to keep the spirit of barefoot running alive and kicking. Embrace the power and resilience encapsulated in “Born to Run 2” and enjoy the perfect running partner in the form of Xero Shoes. As McDougall and Orton have always championed – you were Born to Run, so why not do it in the best gear?


The joy of running just doubled with a captivating read and a comfortable stride. Ready to join the running revolution? Grab your copy of ‘Born to Run 2’ and step into a pair of Xero Shoes today!