Big Toe Stretch Band


Big Toe Stretch Band made from silicone that gives a firm stretch to the big toes. Training or ‘toega’ can help fix bunions (hallux valgus).

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Our Big Toe Stretch Band is a silicone band that gives a firm stretch to the big toes. Regularly stretching the big toes can help fix bunions (hallux valgus).

If you have a bony lump on the outside of your big toe and the toe is folded towards your other toes, you’re probably looking at one. Besides being painful, it can also limit foot function. Your base of support is limited when the big toe points in another position other than spread outward.

When you’re looking to restore foot function ‘toe spread’ is where it’s at. In addition to a set of toe spreaders you can speed up recovery by training the big toe as this is the anker of your feet. Training the toes with our band will support individual movement of the big toe separate from the other toes of the foot.

Sure you can wear it on your wrist too. Have it ready wherever you feel you’re up for some toega.

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