Functional Foot Map


In a personal 1 hour session you’ll get a visual print that shows the current state of your feet. Get insight into where pain originates. Get quick tips to relieve your foot pain and strengthen muscles plus ligaments in the foot.

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Functional Foot Map – Personal Session (1 hour)

With a Functional Footmap you gain insight into the current state of your feet. Your feet are the foundation of your entire physical structure and often your only point of contact with the ground when you are moving. If the foundation of your structure is weak, you’ll usually experience pain or limitation elsewhere in the body. Common complaints affect ankles, knees, hips and the lower back. Because the feet have to carry your entire musculoskeletal system, different kinds of pain in the movement chain can be fixed by working on your feet. We’ll make the assessment while you walk to see your natural movement pattern. This session will take place at our showroom/studio in Amsterdam.

Functional for every foot

The Functional Footmap is for anyone who wants to know more about the current state of their feet. You don’t have to be a “barefooter” to learn what your feet have to tell you. Maybe you experience pain while walking and would like to see what might be the cause. Maybe you’ve suffered a knee injury but have a healthy addiction to running, we can help you find your way again. For us, the answer never lies in just adding “shoe technology” or orthopedic aids, but in strengthening or relaxing the feet. Your feet are the technology.

Footwear advise

When your feet have been compromised by regular footwear we can suggest footwear more fitting for function. Some feet can handle a thin and flexible ‘barefoot shoe’, some will need more cushioning depending on the activity. Be aware going barefoot doesn’t mean you’ll never run into injuries again. Suddenly going barefoot can in fact cause injuries. Proper footwear can be a solution instead of wrecking more havoc to already compromised feet.

Base line for (natural) runners

If you are a barefoot runner or maybe want to run on minimal (barefoot-style) footwear, it is smart to make a base line measurement of your foot shape and function. Too often people think just taking off their shoes, without proper preparation or training to go run, is enough because this is “natural”. This then leads to injuries related to malalignment and shoe-shaped feet. Seeing your foot print will shed a clear light on things, we’ll then give you tools to work on fixing the problem.

Design & development by Lee Saxbee

Functional Foot Map system has been specially developed by Lee Saxbee for therapists, trainers and coaches who understand the importance of the foot within the musculoskeletal system. To then give them an efficient and reliable tool to assess foot function. Lee is one of the most recognized international coaches for (barefoot) running technique. The foot map has turned out to be a practical, handy analysis that can be applied in many areas.


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