HumaraToes Sandal – Unisex


A very light airy sandal for summer days or wearing at home. As it provides some cushioning your toes can relax on hard flooring. Unisex model.


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The vegan ‘HumaraToes barefoot sandal’ has a quick-fastening strap system which can be individually adjusted to your instep. The non-slip footbed performs well in wet conditions, while the high-quality materials and workmanship keeps you comfortable.

An airy light sandal. It’s suitable for barefoot and natural runners looking for some protection, whilst keeping the toes completely free.

Upper material: Stretch fabric straps with cord lock
Sole: Vibram® rubber sole (4 mm) with polyurethane midsole (8 mm)

Heel drop: 0 mm (ball and heel of foot are level; no toe spring)
Sole Thickness: 12 mm
Season: Spring, Summer

Shipping and handling

For all functional footwear we recommend you to pickup your order at our showroom in Amsterdam. That’s why when placing an order you have the option to visit our showroom. Just book an appointment during checkout. If you prefer having your footwear shipped, no problem either. We’ll send them to you for free (within EU).

Additional information

Barefoot sandals


Casual Sandal, Beach Sandal, Natural Running


Vegan Sandal


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