NimbleToes Addict (White) – Women


Comfortable road running shoe for conventional runners with extra toefreedom® by Joe Nimble. Or your next favorite pair of sneakers that will help fix your feet instead of ruïning them.


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At the legendary Badwater Ultramarathon (“the world’s toughest foot race”) already, we fascinated the runners with our unique concept: toefreedom® = comfort = performance! You will benefit from a more stable base because your big toe has room to anchor and control the foot. The innovative sole, with a zero heel, was developed together with ´Soles by Michelin´ to perfectly harmonize biomechanics and flexibility. The combination of midsole and insole provides optimal protection as well as sufficient cushioning. The lacing system promotes a secure fit and the multidirectional mesh (white) or knitted material (gray) is particularly distinctive because it adapts too many foot shapes and -volumes. No matter whether you are a triathlete or a street runner … or just love to run casually from time to time: this world first will feel as if it was made just for you! Available in black and white.

Set your toes free and enjoy a pain-free running experience.

Upper material: Multidirectional, breathable mesh
Lining material: Textile partial lining

Heel drop: 0 mm (ball and heel of foot are level; no toe spring)
Sole: Roadrunner sole (10mm) from ´Soles by Michelin´ (EVA midsole; rubber tread with flex grooves)
Insole: Addict Footbed (6mm) with EVA
Weight: < 250 grams (depending on size)

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Lace-ups, Trainers


Casual Shoes, Trainers, Running Shoes, Road


100% Vegan Shoes


Sole 10 mm, Insole 6 mm


Spring, Summer, Autumn


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