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One pair of toe spreaders made of high quality, durable and easy to clean medical-grade silicone. They come packed in an organic cotton pouch for regular use and storage.

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High quality materials

Made of high quality, durable and easy to clean medical-grade silicone. The silicone used is smooth and won’t become sticky after regular use like some cheaper entry-level toe spreaders. Toe spreaders will stretch your toes, joints, muscles, fascia and ligaments of the foot. Over time re-aligning them with regular use. Re-alignment of toes can relieve foot-pain and improve your structural balance. One pair comes packed in an organic cotton pouch for regular use and hygienic storage.

Ease of use

It’s the ideal tool for correcting foot function accompanied with training and massage. Toe separators can help fix a hammer toe when worn on a regular basis. You can wear them at home, while walking, with or without socks or even in shoes with a wide toe-box. You can also opt to wear them inside regular socks or in combination with toe-socks.

They are re-useable. Simply wash them with some mild soap and air dry to use them over and over again.

For beginners and experienced users

When you’re a beginner working on foot function remember to start slowly. Only 15 minutes per day while reading a book should do it. We recommend you either wearing regular socks or toe socks with toe spreaders. Then when your toes and feet slowly get used to the stretch wear them for half an hour, 45 minutes, an hour etc. You should feel some discomfort but never experience pain. Take your time.

More experienced users can start wearing them while moving. If there’s need for more ‘stretch’, you can add some thickness (like a piece of card board or old shoe liner) into the two small pockets to achieve even more toe spread.

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Toe spreaders can help fix:

• Bunions
• Hammer Toe
• Heel Pain
• Plantar Fasciitis
• Neuromas
• Lower Leg Pain
• Runner’s Knee

Size: One size fits most
Packaging: 1 Pair in organic cotton pouch

Shipping and handling

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