Welcome on the road towards fixing your feet. Start slow if this is your first time using toe spreaders. Start by wearing them 15 minutes per day. Gradually extend your wearing time towards half an hour, an hour etc. You should feel some discomfort but never any pain.

What we’re looking for is ‘toe spread’. Your toes are meant to be spreading outwards instead of folded inwards. Toes pointing outwards offer your body a bigger base of support whilst releasing tension from so called ‘clawing’ of the toes.

At first you can use them while relaxing, watching TV or while reading a book. As you’re getting used to the feeling, start wearing them moving in and around the house.

Wear during activities

Once you feel okay wearing your toe-spreaders for at least an hour, wear them during other activities. Stand on one leg to train balance and intrinsic muscle strength. The added benefit lies in wearing them while being active. This way your feet will get a stretch under different loads. Be aware all the underused muscles will get tired so you should always be able to take your toe-spreaders off.

Make good use of your ‘regular’ socks

People who start out giving their feet more attention and start training the toes, usually have a drawer full of regular socks. You don’t need a collection of toe socks immediately, just wear your toe spreaders inside your regular socks. Especially in the beginning it can help take away the idea you’re actually training your toes. They also help keep the spreaders in place as you walk around.